Summer Pest Control

Summer can bring with it pest problems. The warm weather will affect food supply, which forces spiders, ants and rodents to look for food and water. This is the time when wasps and ants are active, they can invade your home during the summer months. There are a few things you can do to prevent[…]

Wolf Spiders

The Wolf Spider aptly named for it’s aggressive hunting nature. Unlike most spiders, Wolf Spiders don’t use webs they stalk, ambush and capture their prey. Wolf Spiders primarily live on the ground, but they have been known to tunnel, climb trees and dive into water to catch their prey. They are nomads and constantly wonder[…]

Prevent Lawn Obliteration

Grubs can destroy even the best kept lawns. No one wants to deal with a lawn that has this insect problem. Grabs can destroy a lawn quickly. Look out for black birds in your lawn. They are an indicator that something in wrong and soon your lawn will be sick. Increased insect activity draws hem[…]

Spider Prevention Tips

Spiders are officially out and soon they will start having babies. NOW is the time to prepare for the invasion. Have screens on both doors and windows. There is less of a chance insects will enter and that gives spiders no source of food. Install weather stripping around the doors and windows. That will keep[…]

Hobo Spiders

Hobo Spiders are one of the most common indoor spiders in Utah. They are very aggressive and are feared on the same level as the black Widow and brown recluse. Grass spiders are often responsible for the small funnel webs in shrubs and grass. They are more annoying than harmful. Hobo Spiders often hide, but[…]

Black Widow Spiders

The most venomous spider in Utah is the Black Widow. One bite can be fatal to young children and the elderly. A Black Widow bite is 15 times as venomous as a rattlesnake. Bites are most common when cleaning the garage, shed, or the exterior of the house. Symptoms of a Black Widow bite are[…]