Fall Fertilization Treatment

This Time of year we apply weed control and either a granular or liquid fertilizer –depending on  your lawns specific needs.  When temperatures exceed 90 degrees Kentucky Bluegrass and other lawn grasses begin to stress, affecting the overall appearance and ability to compete with weeds which thrive on hot weather.  You may have noticed your lawn[…]

Spring Lawn Diseases

Lawn diseases are common in all types of grass and although they occur naturally it can be very damaging to the lawn. Lawns that aren’t maintained properly are predisposed to Spring Lawn Diseases. Proper lawn care is the first line of defense against spring lawn disease. Lawn disease is caused by bacteria, fungi and Phytoplasms.[…]

Spring is Coming, Do you have your Fertilization plan?

Get the Lawn You’ve Always Wanted   Did you know that when delivered appropriately, a lawn care program is the best way to achieve and maintain a perfect lawn?   Prepare Your Home For Spring Weed Control, Lawn Fertilization and Pest Control Spring means plants start to bud, bugs begin to leave their cold weather hibernation[…]