Home Pest Treatment

Our Home Pest Treatment will give the exterior of your home a powerful barrier against spiders and insects.  We applied to the exterior foundation and in accessible window wells around your home and sheds as well as the fence line around your yard.  Removing debris against your home and repeating with Home Pest Treatments every few months[…]

When to Hire a Pest Professional

When homeowners find pests indoors, their initial thought is self-extermination. However, this can sometimes cause more damage than good. Utah pest control experts have the experience, knowledge and professional-strength products to effectively eliminate pest infestations. Additionally, many homeowners that self-treat pests are only addressing a portion of the problem, not the root causes. While visual[…]

The Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make When Hiring Pest Control Companies

Some homeowners feel overwhelmed when it comes to hiring a professional SLC pest control company. Instead of feeling daunted by this task, this article highlights the most common mistakes homeowners make when hiring a professional exterminator. Price – Never make a decision based solely on price. Price is not indicative of the services offered and[…]

Need to Know: Pest Control Services

As summer is in full swing, temperatures are rising and pests are beginning to make a prolific appearance. In fact, the month of July is among the busiest for professional exterminators. Below are some helpful tips when selecting a SLC pest control service company. Always be cautious of unsolicited UT pest control service companies offering[…]