How to Get Rid of Mice and Voles

If you live in Utah, either in the mountains, on the benches, or even further out west in the valley, there’s a very good chance you’ve seen mice and voles on your property. A large contributor to this recent problem is the sudden change in weather. With the cold winter we’ve had, quickly turning into[…]

Fall Pre Emergent

we apply Fall Pre-Emergent to your shrub bed areas.  This Pre-Emergent will help prevent annual weeds from sprouting this fall (Spring and Fall are the times of year when most weed seed germination occurs).  Once the Pre-Emergent barrier is applied do not disturb the soil or the barrier will be “broken”.  Pre-Emergent will control 80% of new[…]


We can over seeded your lawn, focusing on areas which have become thin due to insect   activity, disease, shade, or reasons.  For good germination seed must be kept moist for the next two to three weeks(until new sprouts grow to 2”).  If peat moss or other topdressing was used it is recommended to water your lawn[…]

Beautiful Lawn Care Service

Early Spring Wake-Up Treatment

Ever wanted the greenest and best lawn? Our special fertilizer treatment can help make that possible. We administer an early spring fertilizer treatment that is perfect for lawns coming out of the winter frost. Our treatment is specially designed to give lawns the nutrients they need as soon as the snow starts melting. Our treatment[…]

Fall Fertilization Treatment

This Time of year we apply weed control and either a granular or liquid fertilizer –depending on  your lawns specific needs.  When temperatures exceed 90 degrees Kentucky Bluegrass and other lawn grasses begin to stress, affecting the overall appearance and ability to compete with weeds which thrive on hot weather.  You may have noticed your lawn[…]

Rodent Control

Vole Control and Removal

What is a vole? Voles are rodents who often burrow underground. They look very mouse-like, and can do extensive damage to lawns. Voles vs Moles. Voles are often mistaken as moles due to the fact they both burrow underground. However, moles are not native to Utah. So if you have a pest that is continuously digging[…]

Lawn Diseases and Prevention

If your lawn is suffering from brown or dry spots your lawn might be infected with a lawn disease. Some of the most common lawn diseases can be prevented simply by proper lawn care. Other diseases may be more serious and might require the attention of a lawn care professional. Three common lawn diseases are[…]