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Garden Insects and Home Remedies

Clever ways to send bugs running from your garden With home remedies capturing the minds and imaginations of huge numbers of folks, it’s no surprise that many have also taken the time to confirm many viable choices for ridding the house of pests. Pests in the home are an annoyance, pests in the garden are Read more about Garden Insects and Home Remedies[…]

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Yellowjackets, Paper Wasp Colonies are Thriving

Wasps, ants and bees are related and all are capable of stinging. But yellowjackets are the most likely to attack if they feel threatened. Although fatalities occur from insect stings, most people will have a fairly mild reaction with some pain and swelling in the local area. Itching, and redness may also be present for some Read more about Yellowjackets, Paper Wasp Colonies are Thriving[…]


11 Ways to Manage Pest Infestations

These are the top indicators that you need regular pest control. To help you get started, here are a few tips that might come in handy. Evidence of pest control problems can be difficult to find. Look in food storage areas like your pantry. Inspect the boxes. Is there a hole in the box where Read more about 11 Ways to Manage Pest Infestations[…]

Lawn Grubs – Know the Facts

Anyone who has experienced lawn grubs knows how frustrating they can be. These pesky larva can destroy a lawn in a short period of time, causing dead spots and discoloration. If you suspect you may have lawn grubs, it’s best to act quickly to minimize the damage. With our help, we can get your lawn Read more about Lawn Grubs – Know the Facts[…]

Pest Control – Hire the Pros

If your facing a pest infestation, you may be considering a do-it-yourself approach. There certainly isn’t anything wrong with a little elbow grease and effort, but hiring a professional may benefit you more. DIY techniques are often ineffective, and can cause more harm than good. Some people try home made pesticides. The problem with this Read more about Pest Control – Hire the Pros[…]

Home Pest Treatment

Our Home Pest Treatment will give the exterior of your home a powerful barrier against spiders and insects.  We applied to the exterior foundation and in accessible window wells around your home and sheds as well as the fence line around your yard.  Removing debris against your home and repeating with Home Pest Treatments every few months Read more about Home Pest Treatment[…]

Initial Home Pest Treatment

Our Initial Home Pest Treatment will give your home a powerful barrier against spiders and insects.  The treatment was applied to the interior areas of the home where insects frequent.  We also applied to the exterior foundation and in accessible window wells around your home and sheds as well as the fence line around your yard.  Read more about Initial Home Pest Treatment[…]