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Improve Tree Health with a Deep Root Treatment

In this post we’re talking about treating your trees when the tree and leaves are looking unhealthy. The All States 3-way deep root treatment is a great way to ensure your trees will give you many years of healthy enjoyment. Tree treatment options We get out there with a spreader and put fertilizer down on[…]

Fall Pre Emergent

we apply Fall Pre-Emergent to your shrub bed areas.  This Pre-Emergent will help prevent annual weeds from sprouting this fall (Spring and Fall are the times of year when most weed seed germination occurs).  Once the Pre-Emergent barrier is applied do not disturb the soil or the barrier will be “broken”.  Pre-Emergent will control 80% of new[…]

Deep Root Feeding – Benefits

Watering and feeding your plants on the surface can only get you so far. Most anyone will tell you how important it is to make sure your trees and grass get nutrients at their roots.  This is where the plant is able to absorb the most nutrients. Nearly all plants go dormant during the winter[…]

Shrub Beds Weed Control

We offer a Spot Sprayed Shrub Bed Weeds for your landscape.  This treatment will  control/kill weeds.  In is important to keep landscape irrigation off for 24 hours following this treatment.  Glyphosate weed killer does take 1 to 2 weeks to kill weeds but is very effective.  No weeds were sprayed in vegetable garden areas, groundcover plantings and[…]