What to Know About Cockroaches, Flies, Rodents and Spiders

More than just a nuisance, cockroaches, flies, rodents and spiders carry a number of diseases and illnesses. This informative guide highlights a variety of insect types, including: American Cockroaches – This is the largest cockroach to infect homes. Brown-banded Cockroaches – This cockroach has two light brown bands located across their dark brown bodies. Males[…]

What to Know About Pests Destroying Your Home

Pests are responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage annually. Among many common culprits include: Carpenter Ants – These destructive ants burrow into decayed, damp wood. Most common in northern areas, these pests typically come out at night, looking for food and water. When carpenter ants tunnel, they often cause structural damage.[…]

The Advantages of Pest Control Services

Instead of someone tackling his/her own pest control management, he/she should consider hiring a professional Utah pest control service. Pest control companies hire trained professionals that understand the delicate, yet complicated nature of treating and eliminating pest infestations. Why should someone choose pest control services? Plans – Professionals don’t simply attack pests without a plan.[…]